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Draft Specification

The BOMcheck Platform API (v2) is currently in active development and as is subject to change. Please see the Scope Roadmap for delivery timeline.

Accessing the API

Access to the Platform API is granted as a costed add-on to your existing BOMcheck account. Costs are tiered based on number of API requests to ensure fair access to all account sizes. Please contact our support team for more info.

Contact Support


The BOMcheck Platform API (v2) is being developed to allow the upload, processing and download of IPC 1752 standard XML files. Phase 1 (Submit/Request) of the Platform API was launched in Q4 2023. Further delivery of Platform API functionality will follow the Scope Roadmap.

There are four main BOMcheck features which users may interact with using the Platform API:

  1. Submit Declarations: Create RCDs and FMDs in the platform against the supported Declarable Substance Lists as per the BOMcheck Declaration Tools.
  2. Submit Supplier Requests: Launch Send Requests to Suppliers campaigns to collect compliance data from suppliers as per the BOMcheck Supply Chain Tools.
  3. Download Declarations: Download and consume supplier compliance declarations (RCDs and FMDs) as per the BOMcheck Retrieve Data Tools.
  4. Download Integration Data: Download a range of useful integration data including supported BOMcheck Substance and Exemption Lists, Lists of Suppliers and DUNs numbers etc.

Scope Roadmap

Delivery PhaseSubmit/RequestSubmit/DeclareDownloadIntegrate
Phase 1 (2023/Q4)1752A/B Class C/D---
Phase 2 (2024/Q3)--1752A/B Class C/DSubstance & Exemption Lists
Phase 3 (2024/Q4)-1752A/B Class C/D-CAS Numbers & Supplier DUNs
Phase 4 (2025)1752C JSON1752C JSON1752C JSON-

The scope roadmap is subject to change without notice.


You may influence the direction, scope and delivery of this API by creating an Enhancement Request in the SCN (more info here) and/or join the API Working Group by emailing with your contact information.