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Regulatory Content

The BOMcheck platform supports a range of regulatory content pertaining to substance compliance in Articles. This regulatory content is presented in the format of supported Declarable Substance Lists (DSLs) otherwise know as Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs), Lists of Declarable Substances (LoDS) and other similar terms.

Please Note

Whilst there are differences within the definitions of DSLs/RSLs/LoDS etc., BOMcheck typifies the regulatory content supported on the platform as "DSLs" owing to the supply chain disclosure requirements of the supported content.

Primary DSLs

These lists are available to all BOMcheck accounts:

Additional DSLs

These lists are available to the following BOMcheck accounts:

DSL Groupings

DSL NameGroupingStatus
RoHS RestrictionsPrimaryLive
RoHS Amendments 1PrimaryLive
REACH RestrictionsPrimaryLive
REACH Candidate ListPrimaryLive
Battery RestrictionsPrimaryLive
Other Regulated SubstancesPrimaryLive
Industry Declarable SubstancesPrimaryLive
IEC 62474 PFAS ListAdditionalPending May 2024
BOMcheck PFAS ListAdditionalPending May 2024
POPsAdditionalPending Jan 2025
TSCAAdditionalPending Jan 2025