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Version 6.0

ℹ️ Off-cycle release on 27th May 2020

This new version of BOMcheck includes:

  • New Article Category and Material Category data fields for ECHA SCIP reporting
  • New system-to-system (S2S) integration to ECHA SCIP database
  • Option to download data in new IPC-1752B XML format

The following 55 minute webinar provides guidance on the new Substances of Concern in Products reporting requirements in BOMcheck v6.0. Starting with an overview of the SCIP reporting requirements presented by Philips on behalf of the BOMcheck Steering Group, the webinar looks at the new data fields used to capture SCIP reporting requirements for Article Category and Material Category.

BOMcheck v6.0 also includes a system-to-system (S2S) integration to the SCIP database. Companies can use the new tools to manage data collection from their suppliers, roll-up the supplier parts data to create product assemblies, and generate and submit thousands of SCIP dossiers for their product assemblies automatically to the SCIP database, in one go with a click of a button.

SCIP User Guide

For more information on BOMcheck's SCIP S2S solution please review the User Guide > SCIP Extension documentation.