You may use the following resources to help build your integration to the BOMcheck API.

API Resources Disclaimer

The BOMcheck team has developed and provided these resources to help manufacturers use the BOMcheck API. You may use these resources at your discretion. Sphera BOMcheck bears no responsibility or obligation for the misuse of these resources.


The BOMcheck team has developed HTML Webpages which include HTML5 web forms that connect to the BOMcheck staging environment API. The forms in these files connect to both the BOMcheck Integration and Substance Declaration Data endpoints and use the corresponding POST attributes as detailed in the BOMcheck API Reference.

Additionally, the BOMcheck team has developed example code wrappers to help you get started building your API integration. The programming code in the wrappers uses the concept of inheritance and includes a Parent Class BomcheckAPI and two Child Classes – BomcheckDownload and BomcheckIntegration. The BOMcheck API Reference explains the endpoints, attributes and actions that each wrapper supports and provides best practice recommendations for how to download both Integration and Compliance Declaration data files.

HTML Webpage Files

Download HTML Webpage Files

PHP Wrappers

Download PHP Wrappers

JAVA Wrappers

Download JAVA Wrappers

XML Schemas & Examples

Download XML Schemas and Example XML Files


Please find BOMcheck API v1 SSL certificate resources for download below. The current certificate is valid until Sat 20th January 2024. Upon that date the certificate will be renewed and resources will be updated here.

Please note, Sphera bears no responsibility for communication of these API SSL certificate resources. If these resources are required for system integrations, the responsibility for tracking and updating valid API certificates, into BOMcheck API consumer systems, lies with integrators.

PEM Files

Download PEM (cert) file

Download PEM (chain) file

CRT File

Download domain validation CRT file